Weekly Round Up – June 18, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

This goes out to all the Dads out there.  I don’t know that we have a cupcake that has Dad written all over it.  We don’t have anything with saw dust or fresh cut grass, not even anything with beer in it.  But if you put cupcakes in all the kids mouths, you will get a few moments of silence and that is priceless.  Or get mom a dozen of her favorite cupcakes, and she might allow you to go hunting, fishing or to play a few rounds of golf.  Maybe, it’s worth a try?  Anyway, Happy Father’s Day from The Sweet Tooth.  All the hard work you put in and everything you sacrifice so you family can have the best is well appreciated.  Thank You!

What Vacation?

This was our first full week back to life after our vacation.  We have all adjusted and are back to the regular routine.  Deliveries, Wedding Events, Massages, (Amy wishes these were more routine) Consultations and of course… our day jobs.  We really did miss most of the things we do that are related to cupcakes, especially sitting down and meeting with future brides and grooms about their upcoming weddings.  We had a couple of consultations this week, and had a blast like we always (and we hope they did as well).  We had a great vacation, and I blogged enough about it last week but it seems as though it has a huge motivation for us at The Sweet Tooth.  It sure smells like summer here… more details soon.

The Sweet Tooth – KC Reward

Have you hear about those popular online coupon offers?  The Sweet Tooth has one of our own!  There is still time to take advantage of the offer, click here for details.

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