Wedding Déjà Vu

In March, The Sweet Tooth provided cupcakes at our first wedding.  Everything went well and the bride and groom loved the entire experience!  Funny thing is, the Bride’s sister was getting married a few months later and was undecided about what she was doing for cake.  After her sister’s wedding, her mind was made up, she was getting cupcakes!

Wedding Cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth have become a family tradition!  The reception was held at The Villa near The Country Club Plaza and everything was beautiful!  As always, the place was buzzing with activity when we arrived to set up the cupcakes.  We got everything unloaded, and got right to work. People at the event venue always seemed to be surprised with how quickly we are able to get everything set up, we have this down to a science now. 

Row after row, and tier after tier filled with delicious cupcakes.  This couple picked a nice mix of flavors including Pucker Up, Life by Chocolate, Vanilla Vanilla and of course, Peanut Butter Dream.  They also ordered Choc-O-Mint and the green frosting really popped since one of their wedding colors was green.  They requested our glass block cupcakes stand, and asked for green lights.  Everything looked great together.

We found out that everyone loved the cupcakes.  The bride was able to sneak a few out of the reception and enjoy them for days after her wedding.  I asked the mom how she left about her two daughters getting married only 3 months apart.  She said she enjoyed it and she actually had fun!  As long as she had fun and her daughters were happy with our cupcakes, we are satisfied!

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One Response to Wedding Déjà Vu

  1. Misty says:

    What a busy family! Two weddings in three months could be stressful, but it sounds like they handled it well! I love the green frosting thrown in there. Those cupcakes really jump out at you, which is awesome since green was one of their wedding colors! Beautiful dipslay, as always 🙂

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