Weekly Round Up – June 11

So I took a week off and did not write anything last weekend.  Amy and I closed up shop and took our family down to sunny South Florida for a much needed vacation.  We were all very excited and looked forward to this trip all year long.  I grew up in Ft Lauderdale (Lauderhill & Sunrise) and love the opportunity to go back whenever possible.  We planned this trip to spend as much time on the beach as we possibly could.  They have a lot of great lakes here in the Mid-West, but nothing like the sandy beaches and ocean breezes of Florida.

We arrived on Wednesday, and spent some time with my Father, one of my sisters and one of my nephews in Sunrise, Florida.  We only unpacked what we needed, because we planned to head out on Thursday morning. We brought some cupcakes and my sister was excited to finally try some for herself.  She put as many of the peanut butter dream cupcakes as she could aside for herself.  We did not set any alarms (one of the things I really enjoyed about this trip) we just got up when we were ready to get up, and made the quick drive to Fort Myers Beach.  We met my mom at her timeshare there, and immediately changed and headed to the pool.  There were not any other kids there, but Kayla and Anthony still had a blast swimming.  Plus, I was acting like a kid again so I think everything equaled out.  The kids stayed in the pool, and Amy and I went to the grocery store to pick up some of the things we needed for the next few days. 

We had dinner, cleaned up and walked across the street to watch the sunset on the beach.  Amazing, this was one of the things I was really looking forward to.  Amy and Kayla looked for sea shells (and hidden treasure) and Anthony and I explored the wildlife.  We saw many crabs, and birds, Anthony even caught a starfish that we kept as a pet while we were in Fort Myers.  We made our way back to the hotel just in time to see my brother and his three children arrive.  He has a son (a couple years younger than Anthony) and 2 daughters (around Kayla’s age) so the kids had partners in crime!  The next day was a lot of the same, wake up whenever… pool to beach to pool.  Everyone had a blast and got tans along the way.  While at the beach on Friday, we saw a jelly fish… it was so graceful and beautiful, but we all knew to keep our distance and a sea urchin.  We thought we would be safer at the pool and headed back.  After a big dinner we went fishing.  We did not catch anything we could keep, but at least we caught something right, even Kayla caught a little one.  Better luck next time Anthony, fishing is not like video games, you have to be patient. 

Saturday, again we got up when we got up, and drove down to Key Largo.  We checked in our hotel, and we were all stunned by the view from our hotel room.  Amazing!!! I was really like I kid in the candy store.  I could see the crystal clear ocean water changing from blue to green to deep blue depending on the depth.  I had no idea what to do first but I was glad they allowed us to check in early and that lunch was already taken care of.  The beach that we saw from our room was far too busy, so we went to hammock beach.  It was more secluded and less crowded.  We got a couple chairs set up in the shade and went in the ocean.  The water was not deep, we could always stand up.  Anthony and I put on masks and did some underwater exploring.  We saw many little fish, a bright orange sea horse, a star fish and even a couple barracudas.  They did not bother us, but they look very intimidating!

We took Kayla to the pool and I got in the hot tub.  We were pretty tired, but cleaned up and went out to dinner and desert. We did more of the same the next morning, swimming and basking.  I check out a couple fishing rods and we went fishing from the hotel dock.  Well it was more like we fed the fish for about an hour.  Anthony did catch a couple small fish, but again nothing big enough to keep.  After lunch, it was time for the highlight of the vacation.  We headed to Dolphins Plus to swim with dolphins!  Amy was not allowed because she is pregnant, but Anthony and I did.  That was an amazing experience, I would say once in a life time, but I would like to do it again.  The dolphins are pretty big, strong and very intelligent.  It was a blast, words cannot describe.  We watched another sunset from our hotel balcony and got ready to end our vacation. 

We got back home on Wednesday, and got right back to work!  The difference is we are refreshed, rejuvenated and tanned!  This was a pretty long post, but it has been a while since I blogged.  It also does not have much to do with cupcakes, but at least you know what we were up to the past week or so.   

I wanted to end this post with a note of thanks.  My sister let me know that her Ex-Husband, Godfrey Myles, had just passed away.  He was a standout football player for the Florida Gators and won 3 Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys.  He was a big part of the reason I went to the University of Florida and became a Gator.  I watched all of his football games when I was younger and got to attend a couple in Gainesville as well.  I really looked up to Godfrey and I’m thankful for all the things I was able to do because he was in my life.  Thanks for everything Godfrey, you will be missed.

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