Here Comes the Bride

Another weekend… another wedding.  It seems like that is going to be our life for the next few months.  I’m not complaining, we love it.  We think our cupcakes are perfect for wedding receptions, and are excited that brides (and grooms) are selecting us!  We had another wedding for a great couple at an amazing venue.  It’s so nice sitting down and getting to know the bride and groom before the wedding, and helping create the wedding day they dreamed about. 

The reception for this weekend’s wedding was at Studio 2131 in the crossroads district downtown.  The location was great, and even had pictures of the bride and groom up on the walls.  We arrived and started setting up immediately.  We had a busy weekend, and had to leave a graduation party early to set the wedding up.  We shared a table with the Groom’s cake and were next to the candy bar.   It was tough not sneaking a piece of candy off the bar when no one was looking, but Amy and I both behaved ourselves. 

The couple selected our large glass block cupcake stand and wanted the glass blocks to be pink.  We backlight the glass blocks allowing us to customize the color of the stand to match the event.  They ordered 16 dozen cupcakes so they had a nice variety of cupcakes for their guests to choose from.  The bride selected Apple of my Eye for her jumbo cupcake and the groom selected What’s Up Doc for his.  I wonder if they were civilized and nicely feed them to each other, or if they smashed them in each other’s faces?  You may think that is a waste of a perfect cupcake, but it would be fun and it’s not like they could not just grab another cupcake to enjoy. 

The other flavors they ordered were Life by Chocolate, Very Berry, Hawaiian Treat, Snickerdoodle, Rouge and Peanut Butter Dream.  They also ordered our HUGE mega cupcake that they placed on the top of the cupcake stand along with a set of bobble head dolls they had custom made.  They really looked just like the bride and groom, it was a cute additional detail.  The bride also provided us with the cupcake liners that she purchased to match the colors at the reception.  Again another detail that helped tie everything together.  As always, we had a blast and hope everyone enjoyed all the cupcakes we provided. If you know anyone that is getting married, or having a party, but sure to let them know about The Sweet Tooth.  We can handle all types of event no matter the size and our cupcakes… you have to try them for yourself to taste the difference.

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