A Sweet Wedding

This past Saturday, The Sweet Tooth provided cupcakes for a wedding at The Stanley in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  If you have not visited the venue before, you have to check it out, it is beautiful and has great character.  This was only the second wedding we have done, but everything went  smoothly.  We plan and prepare diligently so nothing is left to chance.

The couple ordered 16 dozen cupcakes to make sure all of their guests got to try at least one.  With a wedding order that large, we allow up to 8 different flavors.  Most couples max out and select as many flavors as possible.  This couple went a different route, the only selected 3 flavors.  After the mother of the bride explained the reasoning behind the decision to me, it made a lot of sense.  Most wedding guests are only expecting one or two cake flavors and may have a hard time selecting one if they had too large of a variety.  The bride picked her favorite, the groom picked his favorite and they added one more option. 

The flavors they selected were Snickerdoodle, Apple of my Eye and of course, Peanut Butter Dream.  They had a vanilla based cake, a  chocolate based cake and a fruit based cake.  They knew with that selection, all of their guests would be happy and get a flavor they love.  That’s one thing about the amazing flavors The Sweet Tooth offers, even if you pick something at random you just can’t go wrong.  We make all of our cupcakes from scratch using some of the best ingredients available, they all taste great!

The colors of all three flavors they selected were fairly neutral, and they looked very elegant when they were all arranged on the cupcake stand.  The smell of the cupcakes took over the room pretty quickly, and the guests were looking forward to theirs the entire ceremony.  I spoke with the mother of the bride again after the wedding, and she had nothing but nice things to say!  She said everyone enjoyed them and she got a lot of compliments on them.  We love getting feedback, and it’s nice to know customers (and wedding guests) enjoy our cupcakes!  The high quality ingredients and attention to detail pays off in the end.  Well, I guess we’d better get back to work now.  We have to start getting ready for our next wedding, it’s in 2 days!

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