Weekly Roundup – May 21

I was looking back at our calendar deciding what I should write about, and I noticed we had at least one entry everyday last week.  We had a busy week that culminated with us delivering 13 dozen cupcakes on Friday and 16 dozen cupcakes on Saturday! 

For our Friday deliveries, a couple customers took advantage of our May Mini Madness Sale.  We are offering a random variety of our Mini Cupcake for only $15 for 2 dozen.  It’s a great deal and the perfect way to sample some of our 20 flavors.  With each order, you will get at least 4 different flavors based on the orders we are making that week.  One of our customers, Lisa, sampled our Snickerdoodle cupcake in one of our Mini Madness varieties and loved it!  She posted this on Facebook after trying them, “All time new favorite cupcake from the sweet tooth…snickerdoodle! OMG those things ROCK!!!”  We had another 2 dozen for a regular cupcakes for a graduation party and a dozen Jamaican  Sensation as a birthday surprise.  I delivered the Jamaican Sensation to Barb and she was excited that they were vegan.  She also bragged about them on Facebook. 

Amy and I both have our food handlers permits, but on Monday I took the food managers class.  This class was long… 4 hours long.  There were a lot of videos and a lot of information.  It’s information required to obtain and maintain our food permit, but it also helps to keep our customers safe.  There was a 60 question test at the end of the class, so I made sure to pay close attention.  I turned in my test and waited for the results and my permit.  The instructor graded my test once, they felt compelled to grade it again.  She looked up at me and said, “The cupcake guy got a 100%.”  She continued to say that was only the second 100% score she had given on the exam.  I don’t mean to brag, but like I said last week, I’m kinda a big deal.  LOL.  Seriously, the instructor was just as surprised as my high school teachers when I got a good score.  The quiet kid in the back of the class was actually paying attention the whole time.

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One Response to Weekly Roundup – May 21

  1. Jackie says:

    I work for the Public Health Department in KCMO and we host those classes at least three times a week. so I know how informative they can be. My fiancee is a Public Health Inspector and he would be turning flips to hear you say how important it is to take those classes to keep customers safe….You have to imagine my life when we go to restaurants :0(

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