Weekly Roundup – May 14

This has been such a busy week, it is amazing that we were able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time.  The week started with a very busy Mother’s Day.  Amy’s cousin had a Lunch BBQ to celebrate Mother’s Day and 3 birthdays!  We brought cupcakes, Raspberry Lemonade, Peanut Butter Dream and Night and Day.  I had to leave a little early because I planned to cook Mother’s Day dinner for Amy, her sister and my Mother-in-law.  I forgot I had a flag football game that started the same time as the dinner, so I asked them to save some lasagna for me.  Amy took the kids to her mom’s house after she took a short nap, and I went to my game.  We played well and won.  I scored 3 times, not that I’m bragging or anything, but I’m a pretty big deal.  After the game I went to my mother-in-law’s and ate.  We came home and crashed!

We have a lot of orders to fill for graduation parties, weddings and just individual orders.  We were also asked to provide cupcakes for an investor lunch at the Ennovation Center, the place in Independence that we rent our commercial kitchen.  We reserved some time Wednesday evening to do some baking.  Amy and I baked (Amy more baking and I more washing dishes) and went home exhausted.  We had a wedding consultation on Thursday evening that went well, they reserved their date and picked their flavors.  I would give more details, but I don’t want people to start crashing weddings just for cupcakes.  Friday, we found out the cupcakes were a hit at the Ennovation Center investor meeting!  We love feedback about our cupcakes, especially good feedback.  Then Friday evening we met with another couple about providing cupcakes at their wedding.  They were so much fun, they talked about getting mini’s (2 per guests) but after they tasted some of our flavors they did not think that was a great idea.  The groom said people would get upset after they ran out of cupcakes, take their gifts back and leave.  They are tasting one more local cupcakery then they will make their decision, they had already been to two others.  I think we will be adding their wedding to our calendar soon!

Today, Saturday, Amy and I went back to the Ennovation Center to do some more baking, some major baking.  I can’t believe how many eggs, sticks of butter, and pounds of flour we went through today.  This was the first time we really took advantage of the resources available.  We had 2 commercial ovens, a 20 quart and 40 quart mixer… all at our disposal and we used them as much as we could.  We made so many cupcakes, there was row, after row, after row of Peanut Butter Dream!  I thought I was dreaming.  Today it really felt like we were professional chiefs, from one of the major television shows.  We are really looking forward to doing this on a more regular basis!

The Madness Continues…

May is Mini Madness Month at The Sweet Tooth, and many people have taken already taken advantage of this great offer.  You can order 24 random minis from us for only $15!  This is a great way to sample some of our 20 flavors.  You may be pleasantly surprised how much you enjoy a cupcake you would have never considered ordering. This offer is only available for a couple more weeks, contact us to place your order.

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