This is a great word to blog about, it means a lot to me and The Sweet Tooth.  We currently offer 24 different cupcake flavors and we are expecting to add at least 3 more flavors in the coming months.  We added our first vegan cupcake to the menu a couple of months ago and plan on adding more flavors in the future that allow more customers to enjoy.  We use a wide variety of ingredients to flavor our cupcakes and frostings including pineapple, mango, raspberry, pomegranate, lemon & cherry.

If you think that is a good amount of variety, just wait until we release the cookie flavors!  Amy made a batch of her chocolate chip cookies a couple weeks ago, and they were gone in a few hours.  I ate most of them, but I blamed it on the kids.  Leave comments and send her messages on Facebook and she might speed up the process.  We plan on serving gelato (like the Italian version of ice cream) when we open our retail location as well.  We will make the gelato ourselves, and have more flavors than you can imagine!  We may have 4 regular flavors that are always available, and mix the other flavors up often.  It will be something different every day.  Image a cupcake-gelato sundae!!!! 

As they say variety is the spice of life, stay tuned about a special we will offer that will add some spice to your life soon!

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One Response to Variety

  1. Misty says:

    Cookies, gelato, and cupcakes, Oh My!

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