Retail Location

The Sweet Tooth is a home based cupcakery from Blue Springs.  We rent commercial kitchen space to bake all the goodies we provide.  We cater events like we weddings, baby and bridal showers, birthdays and any other celebrations.  We happily fill our customer’s orders on an individual basis and even deliver them right to their doorstep.  We get out and do events as often as possible and reach out to new customers, and allow them to sample our cupcakes.  The face to face interaction and feedback is great and allows us to adjust based on the wants and needs of our consumers.  It does not matter if we are at an event, making a delivery or taking an order over the telephone, we always get the same question.  Are you planning on opening a retail location? 

Our answer to that question, yes!  We are planning to open a retail location.  Between filling orders, we have been diligently working on our business plan, and gathering all related information in preparation.  We have looked at many different locations, and spoke with potential landlords.  We are also being recruited by some of our potential neighbors (it would be nice to have a cupcakery right next door).  We have a few people who have already inquired about positions as well.

 We have most of the research and planning done; we are now working on getting the financing taken care of.  We are pulling all of our resources together, looking into different types of small business loans and other funding methods. So yes, we are working on opening our retail locations, and we will keep you updated via our blog. We know it will be in Blue Springs, but we are not sure of the exact location as of yet.  Stay tuned for more details and information!

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3 Responses to Retail Location

  1. Misty says:

    Let me know when I need to start my countdown calendar so I can cross days off with an X as we get closer to the big day! Let me know if there is anything I can to do to help! I have a dream of working in a cupcakery someday!!!

  2. That is so exciting. I love seeing people live out their dreams!

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