Pictures & Pandora

I couldn’t pick just one topic so I will blog about both today.  I’m going to mostly write about pictures, but I will also discuss Pandora.  In case you did not know, Amy and I are photographers.  We are the Co-Founders of Goodwin Photography and we have about 20 years of combined photographic experience.  We are proud of our work and we like to show it off whenever we can.  All the pictures I have used during this blogging challenge were taken by either Amy or me.  The Sweet Tooth has really taken off over the past few months, and photography has been moved to the back burner.  While we may not be as focused on photography as we have been in the past, our experience with Goodwin Photography has been vital to The Sweet Tooth’s rapid growth. 

We have saved a lot of money by taking all the pictures we use for our website ourselves.  We could not imagine how much we would have spent to hire a photographer to take pictures every time we have new cupcake flavors.  We also used what we learned when we were building our brand, and designing our marketing material and website.  We have photographed many weddings in the past, and have grown accustomed to working with brides and grooms.  That was very helpful when we started offering wedding cupcakes.  We knew all the questions to ask, and what to expect from our customers.  Our experience with photography has helped us save money and grow the business much quicker than we ever expected. 

Do you use Pandora?  When I got my iPhone, I installed Pandora but did not know how to really use it.  I picked one of the preloaded stations, and did not like the music.  I soon deleted it and did not think about it again until I saw a report about it on TV.  They did a bunch of research (I’m over simplifying) and broke down music kinda like DNA.  They were able to map out your taste in music based on a song, album or artist name… or so they claim.  After I saw the report, I reinstalled and typed in one of my favorites songs.  I was a little disappointed when the first song that played was not the song I searched for, it was not even by the same artist.  I ended up liking the song, and a few songs later my song came on.  It almost scares me sometimes when I  pick something and another one of my favorite songs plays.  How does it know??? 

Every once in a while, it plays a song that I have to give a thumbs down to so it never plays it again.  For the most part Pandora is spot on!  I have many stations ready in my phone, if I’m in the car with Kayla I can put on the Justin Bieber and she is happy.  I can also switch stations based on my mood and just let it play.  The best thing is it’s free.  I have heard songs and artists I would have never considered listening to before, I liked them and ended up purchasing their album.  I’m very glad I revisited the app and I plan on using it for a long time to come. 

There you go, two words for the price of one.

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One Response to Pictures & Pandora

  1. Misty says:

    I LOVE your Goodwin Photography icon/symbol/whatever you call it! So cute and trendy 🙂

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