Night and Day

Have you tried our Night and Day cupcake yet?  This was one of the first cupcakes we came up with, but had a hard time coming up with a name for it.  This cupcake starts with our moist vanilla cake.  Amy had such a hard time perfecting her recipe for this cake.  Some were nice and sweet but too dry, others were moist, but just not right.  It took a while, but she finally got a recipe she was happy with and it was well worth all the work.  She added her smooth creamy chocolate buttercream frosting for this classic pairing of chocolate and vanilla.  The cupcake is finished with white chocolate crumbs.

I guess after all the work we put into creating the cupcake, we had no energy left to come up with a name.  We had a contest on our Facebook Fanpage and allowed our fans to make suggestions.  We got some pretty good suggestions, but one stuck out with Amy and me.  Night and Day was perfect, night for the chocolate buttercream frosting and day for the vanilla cupcake.  It was even more fitting that night was sprinkled with white chocolate stars! 

Since then we had one more contest to name another one of our cupcakes.  Our fans came through with some great names again and Cherry Meltdown was added to the lineup.  Two of our fans will be able to say, “I named that cupcake” every time they see it.

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