This is going to be fun.  So, I asked the fans of The Sweet Tooth on Facebook to give me ideas about what I should blog about today.  I got a lot of responses, some serious, some funny and others just silly.  One thing they had in common, they were all miscellaneous (I would be so lost without spell check right now).  I did not know if I should use the one that was most popular, or the one I liked the best… so I’m going to write about each suggestion. 

Middle (Cupcakes with filling in the middles) 5 Votes – We currently have 1 cupcake that has something in the middle, Frappu-Cake.  It’s a chocolate based cake infused with coffee flavor, we add caramel syrup to the middle of this cupcake.  We top it with our whipped cream frosting and some more caramel syrup.  It’s like one of those fancy coffee drinks with no threat of burning your lip. 

Mudcake 3 Votes – I don’t even know what a mudcake is.  Is it like a mudpie?  But three people voted for it… Maybe one day we can name a cupcake Mudcake, something for kids.  Chocolate with cookie crumbs on top to look like dirt, and gummy worms crawling out.

Misty 2 Votes – Hi Misty.  I’m happy Misty found The Sweet Tooth on Facebook one day.  She is a great fan and a great person.  After I read her blog, I was inspired and changed my style when it came to blogging.  Before I met Misty, blogging was a job now it’s more fun and I let my personality come out more.  Thank you for everything Misty. 

Milk Chocolate 2 Votes – Well we use milk chocolate in a few of our cupcakes.  I like milk chocolate, I don’t like dark chocolate at all.  I don’t know what else to say.

Mothers 2 Votes – Very important, great word.  My mother was a very important part of my life, as well as my brother’s and sisters’.  She was hard working and dedicated to raising us, very strict and sometimes stubborn.  We love you mom!  The Mother of my children, Amy.  I don’t know where I would be without her, we make such a great team.  My mother in law, she is great too.  She is so much fun, had a blast with her from the first time we spoke.  I’m like the son she never had (sorry Aaron).

Marian Hope Center – Come see us today at the Spring into Hope event at the Independence Event Center.  It’s for a great charity! 

Mixes – I don’t know what this is about?  What kinda mixes, music mixes?  No cake mixes here, but I do enjoy a good mix CD.

Moist – This makes me think about cupcakes, like our moist very berry cupcakes.  Amy comes up with some of the best cupcake recipes, they are moist and delicious!

Meatball – Yeah this has Uncle Aaron written all over it… he is such a meatball.  Yeah, he entered the only name that I had to erase. 

Marsuprial –  Or marsupial as the rest of the world knows it.  Thanks again Aaron, you are everyone’s favorite marsupial.

Morel Mushroom – Sounds pretty cool, but that’s all I have to say about that.

Missouri – I just wrote about Kansas City a couple days ago, what can I say about Missouri?  It’s the show me state! How come there is a Kansas City in Kansas and a St Louis in Illinois?  Could Missouri not come up with names for their cities, so they just stole cites from other states?  Hmmmmm…

There you go, that is my M day, I hope you enjoyed!

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3 Responses to Miscellaneous

  1. Misty says:

    I love your miscellaneous post! That frappu-cake sounds good. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I like coffee flavored foods. I think it’s time for another filled cupcake to join the menu….

    Gummy worms coming out of a cake sound like a kid (and Misty) pleaser to me!

    Did you know that another cupcake company introduced me to you? She knew that I was on the lookout for a place closer to home and thought of me as soon as she heard about you. I’m so glad we’ve met!

    Please stick to moist, milk chocolate, mix free cupcakes and stay away from the meatballs, mushrooms and….marsupials? Thanks for the laughs Uncle Aaron!

    I am (kind of) writing about my Mother today and I believe Troy is writing about his as well. Must be a mom kind of day.

    Yes, it does seem like Missouri was kind of lazy in the naming of our cities. Show Me what you named your city and I’ll copy it for my city! Perhaps that’s how we got our motto?

  2. Lee says:

    Love this post!!! Great job….and your cupcakes look MARVELOUS!!!

  3. Karen C says:

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning!

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