by Goodwin PhotographyLuck to me at one time…  was almost a 4 letter word (yes it actually is a four letter word, but you know what I mean).  People tell Amy and me how lucky we are all the time, and at times it was hard for me not to take offence to it.  Instead of taking offence, or trying to correct people, I changed the definition of luck in my own mind and now I take it as a compliment.  I’m going to put some effort info letting people know my new definition of luck, and how they can have even more good luck than we do!  The reason I took offence to this in the past was it seemed that people thought we are where we are by chance.  It seemed as though there was no consideration for the hard work and sacrifices we may have made that allowed us to be where we are. 

To me, luck and chance are not one in the same.  Things happen by chance, luck we make happen ourselves.  When people say Amy and me are lucky without consideration for all the preparation, and hard work that went into producing the favorable outcome, and think it all happened by chance, they are truly mistaken.  Yes, there was chance involved, but chance presents itself to everyone equally, it’s up to us to turn it into good luck.

So what does all this mumbo jumbo mean?  Let me start with my new definition of luck… some of it is borrowed, some of it is new.  To me Luck happens when a chance (opportunity) is met with preparation and determination.  Like I said early, chance presents itself to everyone constantly, only those who are prepared and determined can take advantage of the chance.  Two people can come across the same opportunity at the same exact time, but have totally different results from the opportunity.  Was one person really more lucky then the other, or was one more prepared and determined?  So when people say Michael Jordan was lucky to be so successful at basketball, it’s true.  By chance he was born with outstanding athletic ability, but so many others are born with outstanding athletic ability.  Michael Jordan created his own luck by preparing for success with endless hours of practice and being determined to succeed against all odds. 

So yes, Amy and I are very lucky.  We both made decisions in our past that prepared us for that tiny chance that two people half a country away from each other would meet in a chat room on America Online.  And we were both determined to do whatever it took to be together, no matter the sacrifices required to make our relationship work.  With this in mind we continue to create our own luck and ensue sweet success on all future endeavors, including The Sweet Tooth.  Now, when people tell us we are lucky, we say yes… we are the luckiest people alive!

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