Kansas City

I cannot believe I have lived in Kansas City for almost 8 years now.  While I have lived here a long time, I have not lived here long enough to claim it.  I will still say, “I’m not from here when confronted with a situation I don’t agree with.”  There are something that I have gotten used to, like hearing people call soda “pop” and lollypops “suckers” but I will never do that!  The weather here, it really stinks, cold, long snowy winters. Hot humid, severe weather filled summers, and springs and falls that just don’t last long enough.  The baseball team, no comment.  The football team has its moments… But all in all, I’m here to stay.  Kansas City has been welcoming and showed us so much love.  We live in a great city, that is safe and has an amazing school district.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know where I would be right now, if I did not make the sacrifice and move west 8 years ago.  I do know this, we would not have had the opportunities that we have been able to take advantage of, and we would not be nearly as successful as we are.

All kidding aside, I’m glad to be a resident of the Kansas City Metro, and I appreciate all that the move has done for me and my family.  Thank you for embracing The Sweet Tooth and allowing us to spread happiness all across this wonderful city.

Now, let’s make some changes… like having Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri right next to each other, not the best idea. As a matter of fact, any one who has not lived here, thinks Kansas City is in Kansas.  Let’s fix the pot holes before they become sink holes (it has happened before).  And stop trying to predict the weather… you never get it right.  Finally, bring Tim Tebow and I will become a diehard Chiefs fan! 

Thank you Kansas City!

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One Response to Kansas City

  1. Misty says:

    Lollypops? It’s a sucker! And I absolutely agree that there is no point in trying to predict the weather. It’s a waste of time! The weather will do what it wants, when it wants!

    So glad you moved here 🙂

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