Jamaican Sensation

You may or may not know, both of my parents were born and raised in Jamaica.  I was born and raised in South Florida, and grew up eating Jamaican cuisine.  I have been to Jamaica many times in the past; our parents were pretty good about taking us back to visit when we were growing up.  Jamaica is an amazing place to visit, but when you have family there it seems like more of an adventure than a vacation.  We stayed with family members, not in hotels.  That means no ocean front rooms, no swimming pools, no air conditioning or even screens on the windows.  I remember one trip waiting in vain for the water to heat up for my shower, my mother let me know there was no water heater.  I’m thankful for the trips, they taught me a lot, helped to keep me grounded and created some great memories. 

I said all of that to tell you that I love mangos, and most Jamaicans do.  There are mango trees everywhere in Jamaica, and there are a lot in South Florida as well.  We always had a mango tree in our backyard.  I did not realize how much I missed mangos until I had one of our Jamaican Sensation cupcakes (I almost at the entire first batch by myself).  This cupcake is moist, and delicious and gets its flavor from mango pulp, nothing artificial needed.  This cupcake means a lot to me because of my Jamaican heritage and it reminds me of my childhood.  This cupcake is also a milestone for The Sweet Tooth, since it is our first vegan cupcake.  Our mission is to promote happiness, this cupcake allows us to make some vegans happy as well!

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One Response to Jamaican Sensation

  1. Misty says:

    Jamaica is such a beautiful country!

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