Have you had a strawberry cupcake that did not contain strawberries before?  The cake might be cute and pink, but should it really be called a strawberry cupcake?  At The Sweet Tooth, we pride ourselves on using actually ingredients when we make our cupcakes.  It does cause some problems, like the cupcakes may take more time to prepare.  Fresh ingredients are also more expensive then flavorings, cake mixes and extracts. Finally, we might not be able to change the color of our cupcakes and frostings because they are colored by the ingredients.  We think it adds value to our final product, it’s not something the average consumer can just make at home.  In addition to our Very Berry Cupcake, here are some other cupcakes we offer made with actual ingredients. 

Pucker Up

We used several lemons to complete a batch of these pleasantly tart cupcakes.  There is fresh squeezed lemon juice in the batter as well as lemon zest.  After they bake, we dip the cupcakes in lemon juice to get them ready for frosting.  We squeeze some more lemon juice in our cream cheese frosting, then top it all off with more lemon zest.  You will feel the lemon in this cupcake.

Apple of my Eye

You can bite into this cupcake and experience small chunks of Granny Smith Apple sprinkled with cinnamon.  They make the cake moist and fluffy.

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberries can be very tart, but not when we baked them in our delicious cupcake batter.  We chop a few cups of raspberries and add them to the batter right before we bake the cupcake.  This allows the flavors to mix while they bake, and the cupcake traps all the moisture from the fruit. When it’s topped with our lemon cream cheese frosting, it makes a perfect medley of natural fruit flavors. 

It might take more time and effort, but when you taste one of our cupcakes made with actually ingredients… you know it’s worth it.

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