I have read more than a few reviews about our cupcakes most good, some not so good.  Some of the good reviews I’ve read included a word that has me a little confused.  Delish?  How much harder would it be to include 3 more letters? 

I saw a news report a couple of days ago that discussed “words” like LOL and OMG being added to the dictionary.  I might use them in text messages, or status updates.  We all enjoy our emoticons (a little disappointed that my spell checker did not flag that) in our emails, but have we gone too far?  Will my daughter Kayla be asked to define TTFN or BRB as a part of her SAT exam?

Wow, I went on a proper rant there for a while there, but I’ll get back to my point now, Delish. The Sweet Tooth takes a lot of time coming up with tasty and unique combinations of flavors for our cupcakes and frostings.  A mango cupcake with pomegranate cream cheese frosting, you can’t get that at any bakery! Amy then spends a lot of time coming up with the perfect recipe for the cupcakes and frostings.  We send the cupcakes out for taste testing, and ask for feedback about the flavor of the cake and the frosting (wouldn’t you love to have this job).  We will finalize the recipe based on the feedback and suggestions before we make them available for sale to the public. 

It’s a long process, but the end result is well worth it.  We make cupcakes that are so good, customers can’t even finish saying the word delicious.  They can only get out delish and have to go back for another bite.  That’s the way I see it at least!

I could have blogged about the Dentist today (I’m heading to mine in about an hour) but I wanted to keep the post friendly and positive!  Wish me luck!

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