April Fool’s Day Cupcakes?

Amy has been very busy this week, and been going to bed pretty early.  Since she has been so busy, I told her I would do some baking.  Amy was concerned, but I was able to convince her to rest and let me handle baking the cupcakes.  That was a decision she would live to regret very soon.  Amy was able to rest, but returned to find a disaster area in the kitchen!  There was flour, sugar, and chocolate everywhere.  I’m a guy, I don’t need directions or a recipe and did not follow any instructions.  Even though I made a mess of the place, I was so proud of my cupcakes and was ready to show them off to the boss.  I told her, “We can clean up later, but you just have to see these cupcakes.  They look and taste just like the ones you make, if not better!”  She was intrigued and was excited to see my creation.  I yelled, “Tada!” as I presented my heavenly creations.  Amy’s look of intrigue quickly turned to shock and utter disbelief. 

“You got them all wrong” Amy fumed.  “Nothing matches! I can’t leave you alone for even a few minutes.”  I was confused.  “What do you mean I got them all wrong?” I asked.  Look at these great flavors!

Red Velvet Cupcake with Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

Apple Cinnamon Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Fresh Chopped Strawberry Cupcake with Whipped Cream Frosting

Lemon Cupcake with Cherry Cream Cheese Frosting

Amy explained that none of those cupcakes were on the menu, and I need to do a better job following directions.  She told me some other stuff but I was not really paying attention.  Then came the ultimatum, she said if I did not get rid of all of these cupcakes, I would be washing dishes for the rest of my life!  My precious hands could not handle that, so I have to fix this problem.  This is where my huge goof turns into your huge gain! 

You don’t have to take my word for it, read what some others are saying. 
Encouraging Sweetness Blog
What You’re Missing KC! Blog

We have two special offers that will only be available for a very limited time.  You can order a dozen regular size cupcakes in one of our 4 great April Fool’s Day flavors from now until April 8th.  You must pick up or have them delivered by April 30th

You can also order a sample of 24 of these minis (6 of each) for only $15. The special offer for the mini cupcakes must be picked up or delivered by April 3rd

It’s April 1st and it looks like I’m the fool, for more information or to place an order, fill out the form on our contact page!  Happy April Fool’s Day, from The Sweet Tooth!

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4 Responses to April Fool’s Day Cupcakes?

  1. Jen Daiker says:

    I TALK ABOUT CUPCAKES ALL THE TIME. It’s like my kryptonite… seriously… it rocks my world. Like no joke. I love cupcakes. I’m a writer and when we are rejected we call them cupcakes. That’s how much I love cupcakes.

    Can you tell I love cupcakes?

    I stopped in to welcome you to the A to Z challenge! I’m a co-host, should you need anything just ask! I do hope you’ll stop by to say hello! We are also having fun on twitter (I’m @jenunedited and we are at #atozchallenge)!

  2. That is a great story! I might have to use that as a scene in one of my novels someday, so thanks for the inspiration! Good luck with the A-Z challenge!

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