Congratulations Shauna & Travis!

I must admit, the thought of providing cupcakes for a couple hundred guests is intimidating  and Amy was pretty nervous we I suggested the idea to her.  We have photographed many weddings in the past, and have a good idea on what brides and grooms are expecting for their big day.  We took our years of wedding experience and combined it with our big new venture and started offering wedding cupcakes

I started marketing them on The Sweet Tooth’s website and within about a week, we were hosting couples for consultations.  Couples enjoy the consultation experience, they get to sample many of our flavors.  We review all of the benefits of offering cupcakes at their reception and how much time and money they could save.  About two weeks before the wedding, they have to make the biggest decision of their lives, what flavors!

We just delivered and set up our first large wedding order on Friday, and everything went as planned.  We met with the Bride, the Groom and the Mother of the Bride a couple weeks ago and finalized all the details.  They ordered 22 dozen cupcakes and selected 10 different flavors!  That’s a variety of flavors.  When couples book their wedding with The Sweet Tooth, we make one jumbo cupcake for the Bride and one for the Groom, in their flavors of choice.  Shauna picked Frappu-Cake for hers, and Travis went the classic Life by Chocolate!  Some of the other flavors they selected we Rouge, Raspberry Lemonade, Choc-O-Mint and a few others. 

Amy does most of the baking, and planned everything out so all 200 plus cupcakes were ready.  She started baking, and you know what they say, when it rains in pours.  We received an order of 6 dozen cupcakes for a baby shower, that was due on the same day.  More work for Amy, but somehow she gets it all done.  

The wedding and reception were at the beautiful and historic Uptown Theater!  The set up was immaculate Shauna and Travis really did everything right for their wedding.  They had a 6 foot round draped table ready for the cupcake display.    You can image the number of containers I had to bring in to supply 22 dozen cupcakes (more like 23 dozen, we always bring extras).  The stand they selected has glass blocks in the front and they are backlit with LED lights and we can change the colors of the lights to match the wedding colors.  We used pink, purple and red lights for their wedding.  I got the stand situated, the lights turned on, and broke out the cupcakes!

I try to arrange the cupcakes so there are not two of the same cupcakes right next to each other.  This was a lot easier since there were 10 different flavors.  I start filling the top of the stand first, that way if I knock one off the stand, it drops on an empty stand and not on cupcakes.  Bridesmaids and guests started to take notice of the cupcake display and came by to get a closer look.  Everyone had such great things to say! One bridesmaid began claiming her cupcakes, and another commented that she wished she could go back in time and do cupcakes at her wedding. 

Everything was set up, Shauna and Travis were able to come check everything out (Shauna looked amazing, her dress was beautiful).  I packed everything up and headed home.  Everything looked great, and set up went well.  I heard some great complements about how great everything looked, and made a point to let people know if they thought they looked good, they should wait until they taste them.  In the middle of typing this blog post, we received a message from the mother of the bride that I posted below.  That feedback makes everything worth it!  The mother of the bride has two daughters getting married within two months.  All the work we put into getting ready for Friday, has secured another wedding for us! 

“Hi Guys, I wanted to tell you how amazing the cupcake display and the cupcakes themselves were at Shauna’s wedding. Everyone thought they were not only beautiful but delicious. Rave reviews! Lots of people took cards. Can’t wait for Melissa’s wedding in June. Thanks again! Rita, Shauna, Travis”

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