The Sweet Tooth’s Spring 2011 Flavors

It’s almost spring and we are excited to announce our lineup of spring flavors. Each flavor is unique and offers something different to enjoy.  We took a lot of time coming up with the perfect recipes and put each flavor through a rigorous taste testing process before releasing them to the public.

The first flavor is Jamaican Sensation, Misty picked this cupcake as her favorite and wrote about it on her blog, Encouraging Sweetness.  Next is Raspberry Lemonade, Sharmin of What You’re Missing KC had wonderful things to say about this cupcake.  Our final flavor is a chocolate cherry cupcake and we will host a contest on our Facebook Fanpage soon and allow one of our fans to name this cupcake! 

We have pictures and a description of each cupcake below as well as a special offer.  What do you think your favorite will be?

Jamaican Sensation – Vegan

We are proud to introduce our first vegan cupcake. This amazing cupcake is made with absolutely no animal products what so ever! This Irie cupcake is made from two of the most popular fruits in Jamaica. The cupcake is mango, and gets it flavor from mango puree, not artificial flavors or extracts. The cupcake is topped with a cream cheese frosting that is flavored with pomegranate. Did we mention it was vegan? If you love mango, this is a cupcake you have to try!

Raspberry Lemonade

Can you think of another way to ring in Spring than sitting on the front porch with a tall glass of refreshing Raspberry Lemonade. That was the inspiration behind this cupcake, and we nailed it! We start with a vanilla cake and add chopped raspberries to the batter before baking. The raspberries release their flavor and make the cake moist and delicious. The cupcakes are dipped in lemon juice and we add our lemon cream cheese frosting to the top. The cupcakes are garnished with a candy raspberry wedge and lemon zest.

Chocolate Cherry Cupcake

This cupcake is oozing with flavor, literally. For this cupcake, we start with a chocolate batter. Right before we put the pan in the oven, we drop two cherries in middle and push them into the batter with a piece of chocolate! We top the cupcake with cherry flavored cream cheese frosting. Finally, we add a cherry and a chocolate syrup drizzle to finish it off. Have a napkin handy, this one might get messy.

Mini Madness – 24 Cupcakes only $20

We have the perfect opportunity for you to sample our 3 new springs flavors.  For a limited time, you can order 2 dozen minis 8 of each flavor, for only $20.  Minis are the perfect size for sampling! Fill out the contact form on our website if you would like to place an order.  We will remove this portion of the post from the blog when the offer is no longer available.  Enjoy!

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