Happy Valentine’s Day, from The Sweet Tooth

Valentine’s Day 2011 has come and gone… well it’s only about 6 PM now, but our day is done.  Amy and I are sitting on the couch catching up on shows we DVRed.  We have done a lot of work over the past week or so getting ready for today, and are very tired.  We offered a dozen of our cupcakes decorated especially for the occasion delivered almost anywhere in the Kansas City Metro for only $20.  It was a great deal and many people took advantage of the offer.  That meant a couple things, a lot of baking and a lot of driving. 

Amy took care of most of the baking, with a little help from me (I really, really me little help).  She baked and baked and frosted and frosted until we had enough cupcakes made to fill all the orders we received.  Sometimes I don’t understand how she is able to do it, but she does.  Her job was done, when we came up with the idea, I said I would be responsible for making all the deliveries.  This morning, it was my time and I had a lot of deliveries to make. 

It was Valentine’s morning, and I had all the deliveries lined up.  I started as far east as possible and made two deliveries in Grain Valley, Missouri.  Many people in the Kansas City Metro do not even know how far east Blue Springs is, so they would have no idea about Grain Valley!  The Sweet Tooth really appreciates all of our customers, even those in Eastern Jackson County (yes, even way east Jackson County).  I stopped at OOIDA, the building you pass on I-70 on the way to St Louis, and dropped off 2 dozen cupcakes.  They also showed me where I would go when I returned on Wednesday afternoon, when I set up the 250 cupcakes they orders for an event.  It was great, and I gave a cupcake to the lady that greeted me when I walked in, she selected Life by Chocolate.  I thought it was important to leave cupcakes with the receptionists and greeters and anyone who helped me locate the person I was looking for.  I figured they were going to spend a good part of their day delivering treats to others, so they deserved a treat as well.  I made one more stop in Grain Valley, then moved on to Blue Springs. 

So I backtracked to our hometown, Blue Springs, to make deliveries.  My first stop was at our favorite place to eat, Original Pizza!  It was just 9AM, but they were already busy.  I dropped off the cupcakes, and got out of their way as quickly as possible if not they might put me to work!  I made the rest of my deliveries in Blue Springs, and stopped to get a flowering orchid plant for Amy.  Everyone loves flowers, but cut flowers don’t last long enough.  On to Lee’s Summit and I also stopped at Core Balance to get a gift certificate for a full body massage for Amy.  I would have stayed and showed off my yoga poses, but I had to run and make more deliveries. 

I’m glad I had a full tank of gas, I was driving all over the city.  I went on and made deliveries in Independence, Kansas City and north of the river before moving on to Kansas.  I made it across state line in the afternoon and my first stop was in Overland Park.  I dropped off a couple dozen cupcakes and put smiles on more faces.  I think that is the part I enjoyed the most, making people happy!  I dropped off a few dozen in Leewood, then moved on to Olathe to make my final deliveries! 

It was such a great day.  There was a lot of work that went into making today possible, but in the end it was all worth it.  We would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, and we hope you had a sweet day!

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