Cupcakes ~ Love ~ Happiness T-Shirt Sale!!!

We have discounted our Cupcakes ~ Love ~ Happiness T-Shirt and they can be ordered directly through our website.  We have taken 25% off their regular price just in time for Valentine’s Day.  They are long sleeve, to help keep you warm this cold, long winter.  Visit our website to place your order, this offer is only available for a limited time. 


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase Peace, Love, Happiness, maybe you have even heard Peace, Love, Cupcakes.  The Sweet Tooth adopted Cupcakes ~ Love ~ Happiness, because the saying goes so well with our mission and what we are all about.  The Sweet Tooth has a pretty simple mission statement, Promote Happiness.  Since happiness is in our mission statement, it’s very important to us when it comes to running our organization.  We want to create products that make our customers happy in a work environment that make our employees happy.  The company was formed from Amy’s love of baking (and Trevor’s love of eating sweets) and she makes everything with love.  Cupcakes, well they are the core of our business.  So when you see one of our Cupcakes ~ Love ~ Happiness shirts, know that is it much more than a clever saying, it’s what we are all about. 


Promote Happiness… Spread Love…
The Sweet Tooth


This offer has ended 2/24/2011

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