The Sweet Tooth at the Chocolate Crawl

Another weekend, another cupcake event… This was the 4th consecutive weekend The Sweet Tooth had set up a cupcake display at  an event in Kansas City, and I think we got better each week.  About a month ago, we signed up for a booth at a Bridal Show at The Stanley Historic Event Space in Lee’s Summit and were excited to speak with potential brides about our wedding cupcake packages.  It turns out the event was during the 4th annual Chocolate Crawl in Downtown Lee’s Summit, that fact changed everything.

Many stores in Lee’s Summit participated in the Chocolate Crawl to help promote heart health before Valentine’s Day.   Jennifer from The Stanley sent all the vendors an email letting us know we should expect between 400-500 people, that’s a lot of cupcakes!  We were originally planning to promote the event portion of our business, but changed our strategy to focus on name recognition, and getting our cupcakes in front of as many potential customers as possible.   That started with cupcakes, a lot of cupcakes.

In the week leading up to the event, we made a plan to have over 800 cupcakes available for customers to taste.  Not a small task, but we were confident we would be able to handle it.  We received several ordering during the week that we had to fill as well.  Since customers gave us such good feedback last week, we brought almost the same exact flavors.  The flavors we brought were Life by Chocolate (in honor of the Chocolate Crawl), Peanut Butter Dream, Night & Day, Rouge, Pucker Up and Punkin Spice.

Once again, we got our booth set up with little time to spare. Luckily, we signed up early and got a spot downstairs!  We spoke to some of the other vendors, and invited them to come sample cupcakes when they had time.  We returned to our booth, and prepared for the rush of chocolate lovers, and we got rush after rush after rush.  The first visitors to our booth were a newly engaged couple researching for their 2012 wedding.  They loved the cupcakes and returned before they left to sample a couple more.

Customer’s that came in were surprised to see the cupcake display and could not believe that we were offering free samples.  We heard many comments about how the cupcakes were too beautiful to eat.  I told many customers, they are pretty, but they taste even better than they look!  It was cold in our area of the event space, so Amy and I had to keep our hoodies on the entire time.  We had on our chocolate “I Heart Cupcakes” hoodies, and many people said they wanted one.  It’s a shame we did not have those ready to sell, we only had those made for Amy, Anthony, Kayla and me.  Maybe next time!

Once again, our Pucker Up cupcake stole the show, it was the first flavor we ran out of.  The next flavors that ran out were Rouge, our red velvet cupcake, and Punkin Spice.  I have a couple of theories in regard to why these were the most popular, and the first is the cream cheese frosting.  Once one person tasted it, they told everyone around them about it.  My other theory is people reached their chocolate tolerance and wanted to try something else!

We has steady traffic at our booth all day with lots of peaks and minimal breaks. Sometimes it seemed like a feeding frenzy was going on in our booth, hands were flying in grabbing cupcakes faster than we could comprehend!  Once again we received great feedback from attendees and even took a few orders.  We will spend the next few days following up on leads and getting ready for our next event.  See you in a few weeks at Powell Gardens!

This image was provided by Jamie of Digitalive Images and Design

This is a picture of Amy and I in our popular “I Heart Cupcakes” hoodies.  Thank you Jaime Russell from Digitalive Images and Design for taking the picture… and giving me a Snickers Bar!

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