The Sweet Tooth at KC Unveiled

Yesterday The Sweet Tooth did our first Bridal Event at the Cotillion Event Space in Blue Springs, Missouri.  The Event was called KC Unveiled, was well organized and went off without a hitch!  There was a great turnout of future brides, and all the vendors that attended were professional and friendly.  We have a few pictures we took of our booth, and have added them in this blog post.  We received great feedback from so many people about our cupcakes and stands, and many people returned several times to try different flavors.

We brought about 500 cupcakes with us and had 6 different flavors available for sample.  Pucker Up, our lemon cupcake with lemon cream cheese frosting was the most popular flavor at this event, followed by Rouge, our Red Velvet flavor.  I guess everyone had a taste for cream cheese frosting yesterday.  People always have great things to say about Peanut Butter Dream, and yesterday was no different.  One bride to be mentioned how sorry she was that her fiancé had a peanut allergy and would not be able to even try the cupcake she was enjoying.  Our fall favorite Apple of my Eye was also a crowd pleaser.  They loved the sweet caramel frosting and many were surprised by the actual apple chunks baked in the cake.  Yes, actual apples, The Sweet Tooth does not use any cake mixes!  We rounded off our cupcake selection with two classics, Night and Day and Life by Chocolate.  The chocolate chips we baked into the cake gave all the chocolate lovers a delicious surprise they would not stop talking about. 

The preparation for this event started about a month ago, and there was a lot of work to be done.  We started to set up our booth Friday evening and Kayla was there to supervise the entire ordeal.  Well, Friday I just dropped a lot of stuff off in our booth, not set anything up.  I did play music tables for about 20 minutes before I got them arranged just right.  Britney, the General Manager of the Cotillion, was very helpful and answered all of my questions.  Kayla and I left and went to help make some more cupcakes! 

We got up early on Saturday morning to make sure we were able to get everything done.  We not only had this huge bridal event, Amy also had to deliver 4 dozen cupcakes for a bridal shower that morning!  While Amy was making her delivery and taking the kids to Grandma’s house, I was heading to the Cotillion.  There was much more to do Saturday morning, including setting up the entire booth.  We got it all done, everything was set up with about 15 minutes left!

We had a great day, and we love having such close contact with our customers.  We put a lot of time into making our cupcakes, and we had the chance to execute our company’s mission yesterday… Promote Happiness.

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1 Response to The Sweet Tooth at KC Unveiled

  1. Thank you for such an amazing post. I have to admit that the chocolate peanut butter was my favorite. You booth was a huge hit with the brides and I hope to see you guys at another KC Unveiled Bridal Show.


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