The Sweet Tooth Scavenger Hunt

It was not long ago Amy decided to make her passion for baking a business a reality.  It was amazing to watch the sparkle in her eyes as the idea took root and grew in her mind.  We started brain storming and researching immediately.  Amy did most of the work while Trevor looked forward to tasting all the cupcakes his mind could come up with.  Amy came up with a name, and The Sweet Tooth was born! 

The response and feedback we have received about our sweet new adventure has been overwhelming.  Everyone was just as excited about this new Cupcake business as we were!  We poured all of this positive energy into creating a company that can feed our customers cravings and promote happiness all at once!  We are thankful for all the support we have received over the past few months.  It’s really hard for us to believe how quickly we have grown in such a short amount of time.  If you are already impressed with what The Sweet Tooth has done and what we have to offer, hold on… because we have only just begun!  

Our Facebook Fanpage now has over 500 fans!  To celebrate this achievement, we plan on giving away some great prizes in our Scavenger Hunt!  A new hunt can be launched at anytime and any fan (that lives in the US) can enter.  Some hunts will be easy, others more difficult, some will require you to scour our website, blog or Facebook Fanpage for random Sweet Tooth facts, others you can just post to enter.  No matter the level of difficulty, the prizes will be great and you will have a blast!  All scavenger hunts will be initiated from our Facebook Fanpage, so check often for announcements and details.  Remember to share The Sweet Tooth with your friends.  Thanks again for the support, happy hunting and good luck!

The Sweet Tooth’s Management
Promote Happiness

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